What Are the Biggest Casino Cities in the World?

Globe With Casino ChipsThere’s something almost magical about walking into a casino. It’s one of the few places in the world where you can you walk out with life changing sums of money for just a small investment. The bright lights, the flashing machines and the general buzzing sound of players at the table. It’s something that an online casino would never be able to recreate.

The location of the casino you are in often has a huge effect on the experience you have. If you’ve walked into your local bingo hall and start playing on the slot machines, then it’s not particularly exciting for most. But when you enter a casino in one of the worlds biggest casino cities there’s a different vibe.

You know there’s hundreds of thousands, if not millions in play at any one time. People are winning and losing vast sums of money. The atmosphere is electric, and the buzz is real!

There are a number of cities that standout as gambling Mecca’s though and with each of these you are getting the full-blown casino experience.


Las Vegas Aerial View

Credit: SeanPavonePhoto (Bigstock)

Where else could we start other than Las Vegas?

The city is famed for its bright lights, oversized casinos and “anything goes” policy. Money talks in Vegas and money there is a plenty!

Vegas does everything bigger than everywhere else. It’s one of those places that require any keen gambler to visit at least once in their life, almost like a pilgrimage of sorts. Even outside of the gambling, there are no end of nightclubs, pool parties, sports, entertainment and pretty much anything else you can think of.

What Vegas has been able to do better than anywhere else is market itself. There are no limits here, even at the tables and this is why it’s the biggest casino city in the world.


  • Over 43 million people visit Las Vegas every year.
  • Over $12.5 billion spent on food alone
  • Caesars, Wynn, MGM and Las Vegas Sands (4 biggest casinos in Vegas) have over $39 Billion in collective debt.
  • Over $11.9 Billion won every month from gambling


Macau Casino

Credit: LeeYiuTung (Bigstock)

Macau is the next on the list and they are probably the most interesting as well. Whilst part of China, Macau is actually one of two regions in the country that does not fall under the same legal rules as that of the mainland, with the other being Hong Kong.

This has meant that Macau, even though it is part of China, can almost run as their own independent country, creating their own laws for things such as immigration and legal system.

The relaxed laws have seen a huge number of casinos enter the frame and it’s now world-renowned as the gambling capital of Asia. Lots of the Vegas brands as mentioned above all have casinos here and gambling now brings in over 50% of the city’s revenue.


  • Over $37 Billion a year generated in revenue from gambling
  • 41 Casinos in a city of just 11 sq/miles
  • Over 17,000 slot machines and 7,000 gaming tables throughout the city


Monte Carlo, Monaco

Credit: cge2010 (Bigstock)

If you’re looking for glitz, glamour and a taste for how the other half live, then you have to visit Monaco. It’s as famous as Las Vegas, but without the seedy side to the city and has even played host to some of the most famous gambling scenes of all time from the big screen, such as James Bond’s, Casino Royale.

Monaco is actually a principality and has been hosting casinos within the region since the 19th Century. They do gambling in a different manner to pretty much any city in the world and with it, you need to be prepared to go big or go home.

Things aren’t cheap here and the numbers are as insane as the likes of Las Vegas or even Macau, but it’s what the whole area is built on and in terms of prestige and history, no one comes close to Monaco.


  • Only 5 casinos in total, with 1,400 people employed directly within those casinos
  • All casinos operated by Société des Bains de Mer (SBM)
  • Revenue of €201 Million per year
  • Monaco locals forbidden to set foot inside casinos as they are only for tourists


Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City

Credit: ironstuff (Bigstock)

Atlantic City is often overshadowed by that of its bigger brother, Las Vegas. But the city is one of the most influential gambling places in the entire US. In fact, the city revolves around gambling with over 90% of the tourist every year there for some form of gambling.

Based in the northeast of the US, Atlantic City offers an alternative to those not wanting to make the cross-country trip to Vegas. It’s packed with casinos, with a lot of big brands in Vegas having resorts there, such as Caesars, Ballys and Trump Plaza, to name just a few.


  • Gross Gambling Revenue (GGR) in the city of $177.2 Million.
  • One of few legal places to bet on sports, with $385.28 Million in printed tickets.
  • 10 casinos in total, all of which offer sports betting.
  • Total amount wagered across all gambling products, $2.51 Billion per year


Hippodrome Casino, London

Credit: e.della (Bigstock)

Probably not one of the most obvious places, but London is massive player in the world of gambling and given that sports betting, along with pretty much all forms of gambling is legal in the UK, the possibilities are pretty much limitless here.

The range of gambling possibilities is what makes it so popular and you’re able to go from fruit machines in your local pub, to £10,000 buy ins at casinos such as the Ritz and the Crockfords Club. In fact, Crockfords was only recently in the news for winnings a lawsuit over poker player Phil Ivey, claiming that he cheated to win over £7.7 Million from the club in one night. If you weren’t sure how big the casino scene was in the capital, then this should give you a better idea.


  • 29 casinos situated across the city making it one of the biggest networks of casinos in the world.
  • Largest casino is Aspers in Westerfield Stratford City measuring over 65,000 square feet.