What Are the World’s Smallest Casinos?

Female Hand Holding Small Roulette WheelWe’ve already spoken on site about some of the biggest casinos in the world and came to conclusion that some of them have more amenities than most towns in the UK! That prompted us to go and find some casinos at the other end of the spectrum and instead of looking at the biggest casinos, we wanted to look at some of the world’s smallest casinos.

Our search has taken us far and wide and whilst pretty much all of them on the list are, to say the least, quirky, it does mean that they’ve at least been interesting to read about. What we will add is that all the casinos that we list on this page are fully licensed and registered, so we aren’t just talking about the local pub that runs a poker tournament once a week and has a fruit machine in the toilets.

We’ve also found that the award for the smallest casino is one that many strive to achieve. It’s novelty more than anything, but it’s been interesting to see that these places are generally all making good incomes from their casino.

Grosvenor Travelling Casino, London

London Taxi Light Sign

Note: The ‘Casino in a Cab’ was a short term advertising campaign that ran for three weeks in 2016 and was not a permanent fixture.

The first on the list is that of the Grosvenor travelling casino. You heard right, this casino is one that is one the move and it comes in the form of a black cab, something that is synonymous with London.

In the back of the cab is a table that can be converted for play as blackjack or roulette. It can fit up to three players at one time and the dealer sits where the passenger would usually sit, but obviously faces the back of the cab. Also included are a number of TV screens that allow for a range of other games to be played in the cab as well as live sports whilst using the table.

Whilst the cab is seen as a novelty advertising campaign for Grosvenor casinos, it is fully licensed and can be hired out for events. Whilst it’s not a “brick and mortar” casino, it still comfortably makes it onto our list of the world’s smallest casinos, mainly because only 3 players can play at any given time.

Santa Ysabel, San Diego

Row of Slot Machines

This casino held the title of smallest casino for a long time, until the Grosvenor black cab that is. It’s a building that is located in San Diego and is operated by the La Jolia Indian band. The casino is actually located inside a mini-market and is located in a room that measures just 15×40 feet. It’s about the size of a 2-bedroom apartment to put that into some sort of perspective.

At one point the casino was able to host 349 slot machines, an incredible amount given its size. It actually grew in popularity considering its size and there were talks for a long time about expanding the room to make it bigger.

Unfortunately, those plans never came to fruition and the mini market, along with the casino eventually closed their doors in 2014. However, there are still calls rumours today that they are trying to open the whole market as part of a dedicated casino hall, although nothing has been confirmed.

North Cadbury Court, Somerset, England

North Cadbury Court, Somerset
Credit: Hugh Llewelyn, flickr

The English have a thing for quirky buildings and properties. Given that the they are steeped in history there are often old buildings that have been converted into everything from bars, restaurants, shopping centres, gyms and of course casinos.

North Cadbury Court is one of those buildings. In fact, it was first built over 400 years ago, so when they announced that they were converting their basement to occupy a casino, it had to something that was in keeping with the period property.

After extensive renovations, the room was set up with just a 30-person capacity, making it a rather intimate affair. There are often ques to get into the casino and even though it’s small, it can create a hugely vibrant area, unlike almost any other licensed casino.

Deltin Royale, RND Jetty, Panjim, India

Deltin Royale Casino
Credit: Joegoauk Goa, flickr (Cropped Image)

As you may have worked out from the title, our next stop brings us to a cruise ship. A casino on a cruise ship is actually very common, but this is unique vessel and the clue is in the location; India.

Gambling is prohibited from gambling games, so there are no licensed casinos in the country for that reason. The way that the Deltin Royale cruise ship works is that they take passengers out to international waters, open up their casino and then allow Indian locals to gamble without fear of being arrested or in breach of Indian laws.

The casino on offer is very small though and this makes for an exclusive club that are able to join, be ferried out, play some casino games and then be brought back home. It’s a great way to spend an evening, although the cost of the trip, plus the food and drink that is served means that it’s often reserved for the rich and famous within the country.

The Pirate Boat, Macau

Macau at Night

Sticking with our nautical theme, The Pirate Boat in Macau is not actually all that small compared to some, but it is one of the smallest floating casinos in the world. Also, compared to the size of the casinos in the city, it’s positively tiny.

It comes with just 11 tables and the whole boat would fit into just one of the plethora of games rooms that massive 546,000 square foot Venetian casino has within the city. Even though it’s small, it’s another that is still popular and they are often full up to capacity over the weekend, with players looking to get away from the mega-casinos that are littered through Macau, in favour of something a little more intimate.