What Are the World’s Biggest Casinos?

Roulette Table and ChipsOne of things that highlights just how much money casinos make is the sheer size of them. If you’ve ever spent time in places like Las Vegas or Macau, then you will know that they are more than just a casino, but more an entertainment hub. The casinos floor plays a huge role, but they have a huge range of amenities and of course, most of them are hotels as well.

In recent years it’s almost been like they can’t make them big enough. The sheer scale is just phenomenal and with it you are getting an incredible backdrop to play casino games. What’s also worth noting is that the biggest are often the best, with little to no corners cut when it comes to quality.

Below we have listed some of the biggest casinos in the world right now. The list is ever-changing though, so keep checking back as we include more and more as they are built.

Casino Location Size
1 WinStar World Casino Oklahoma, USA 600,000 sqft
2 The Venetian Macau, China 546,000 sqft
3 City of Dreams Macau, China 420,000 sqft
4 Foxwoods Resort Casino Connecticut, USA 340,000 sqft
5 Casino Ponte 16 Macau, China 270,000 sqft

1) WinStar World Casino, Oklahoma, US – 600,000 Sq Feet

Oklahoma and USA Flags in the Wind

The WinStar World Casino is the biggest in the industry right now and it covers over 600,000 square feet. To put that into come context, it’s almost 3 times bigger than the MGM Grand in Las Vegas!

The casino was built in 2003, but it got an extensive makeover and expansion in 20013 to make it the biggest in the world. As a tribal casino it can be found on the boarder of Oklahoma, not too far from that of Texas. This is why it gets so many visitors and why people come to visit as part of their family holiday, given the sheer scale.

On site you are getting a mini view of the world as well, with scale replicas of things such as the London’s parliament buildings and Rome’s Coliseum to name just a few. Many people describe it a mini Las Vegas, which is pretty much what it is!

Key Stats

  • 600,000 square foot
  • 1495 hotel rooms
  • 7,500+ casino games
  • On site: Golf course, RV park, nightclub, sports lounge, pool, Skyline Lounge

2) The Venetian, Macau, China – 546,000 Sq Feet

The Venetian, Macau
Credit: bennymarty (Bigstock)

Next up on the list is The Venetian, which is located in the city of Macau. Interestingly, whilst Macau is a part of China, it’s not actually regulated by the same rules as Chinese mainland, which means that rules and regulations in the city are more relaxed and hence why it’s now one of the gambling capitals of the world.

Even though the city is littered with huge casinos, more than any other city in the world in fact, The Venetian, measuring 546,000 square feet, is the biggest and often regarded to as the flagship.

Like most of these super-casinos, they are almost small towns in their own right, packed with clubs, bars, restaurants and even a Venice-like stream with gondolas running throughout. With over 4,200 gambling machines there is always plenty to see and do here.

The casino was designed to be the best and it’s very much that. The fact that it has a 15,000-seater stadium inside along with thousands of hotel rooms based over it’s stunning 39 story stature, not only makes it one of the biggest casinos in the world, but also the worlds 7th largest building by floor area.

Key Stats

  • 546,000 square feet
  • 4,200 slot and table games
  • 53 bars and restaurants
  • 15,000-seater indoor stadium
  • 4 pools
  • Over 400 shops

3) City of Dreams, Macao, China – 420,000 Sq Feet

Horse Statues at the City of Dreams, Macau
Credit: Kisa_Markiza (Bigstock)

The City of Dreams is an appropriate name for our next inclusion on the list and this casino was another designed to really put Macao on the map for their casino infrastructure. It measures at 420,000 square feet, some way shy of our first two, but still more than twice the size of the Wynn Casino in the city.

It was opened in 2009 and with it has gone on to be one of the most impressive casinos in the world. They have almost 2,000 games to choose from, 32 bars and restaurants and with it a huge water show that has now synonymous with the casino.

Everything about the casino is highlighting the best technology that is on the market and their LED projection theatre, called Aquarium has now been seen by over 2 million people outside the casino.

Key Stats

  • 2,000 games
  • 32 bars and restaurants
  • 1,400 rooms
  • 11-ton aquarium
  • Dancing water theatre
  • 175,000 square meters of retail space

4) Foxwoods Resort Casino, Ledyard, Connecticut – 340,000 Sq Feet

Foxwoods Resort Casino
Credit: Elfenbeinturm, Wikimedia Commons

We jump back to the US and more specifically that of Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Ledyard. The casino is on that is owned by that of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe and covers more than 9,000,000 square feet between their six casinos.

Foxwoods is the biggest of the six and with it covers and impressive 340,000 square feet. The casino is home to the WPT (World Poker Tour) and has the third largest poker room in the world inside it. The games on offer inside the casino are some of the biggest and the world and the resort attracts many high rollers within the US. Given its location just north of New York, high-roller businessmen often flock here on a weekend, utilising the casinos proximity to a local airport.

The casino, like so many on our list, is not just all about the casino games. They are entertainment complexes and they are able to host a golf course (rated in the ‘Top 100’ in the world), as well as a music hall that’s seen some of the world’s best, including Bob Dylan, Foreigner and Jeff Beck, to name just a few.

Key Stats

  • 340,000 square feet
  • Over 7,500 slots and table games
  • 3rd largest poker room in the world
  • 40 bars and restaurants
  • 800+ hotel rooms

5) Casino Ponte 16, Macao, China – 270,000 Sq Feet

Ponte 16 Casino in Macau
Credit: pan浩, Wikimedia Commons

The Casino Ponte 16 in Macao is another of the “famous three” there and means that they take up 3 of the top 5 biggest casinos in the world. A staggering feat when you think that the city isn’t all that big, but totally submerged in the casino industry.

The site covers just over 270,000 square feet in total and whilst it’s massive, is relatively small compared to The Venetian and the City of Dreams, both dwarfing Ponte 16 in comparison.

The casino was built and designed as a nod to the city’s Portuguese heritage, especially in terms of the architecture and materials used. They used to host one of the world’s largest selections of Michael Jackson memorabilia.

Key Stats

  • 270,000 square feet
  • 500+ casino games
  • 420+ hotel rooms
  • 9 bars and restaurants

Noteable Mention: MGM Grand, Las Vegas – 170,00 Sq Feet

MGM Grand, Las Vegas
Credit: banset (Bigstock)

OK, so we have a confession to make. The MGM is not the 6th biggest casino in the world. In fact, it’s not even in the top 10 anymore in size, be we couldn’t create a list of the biggest casinos and not include at least one from the famous, Las Vegas, could we?

The MGM Grand measures 170,000 square feet and it’s still a massive building. They are famed for their live shows and their sporting events that are hosted there all year round. With it includes a number of shops and dining experiences and hosts over 2,400 games. The hotel is massive, with 6,000+ rooms in total and as a brand, there are few bigger and more iconic than MGM in regard to casinos.

The casino has also played host to several movies, including Oceans 11, Casino, Swingers and The Great White Hype. The Signature is the most exclusive hotel section at the casino with rooms starting at $450,000 up to $2 Million, each equipped their own pool and exercise rooms.

Key Stats

  • 170,000 Square feet
  • Iconic boxing, sports and music event location
  • Over 6,000 hotel rooms
  • Over 2,400 games
  • One of the most iconic brands and casinos in the world